Signs of addiction in people

Recognizing if someone is addicted is quite challenging particularly if you are not conversant with the physical or behavioral signs. Addiction is an obsessive and compulsive disease that affects the brain’s reward system.

Addiction is broadly categorized into behavioral and substance addiction. And when either of these two addiction types is in play, the individual neglects other aspects of their lives to focus on their addiction.

If you have a loved one you are suspecting of addiction, this guide helps you know the signs to look out for:


Addicted individuals experience tough cravings for their addictive habit as their addiction progresses. Cravings refers to the conscious or unconscious desire to use a substance. It is correct to say that cravings are the central feature of addiction.

Hence, you will always see them longing to perform their addictive habit or take the substance.


People struggling with addiction prefer to stay all by themselves. The primary reason is, no one likes to mingle with an addicted fellow thereby paving the way for stigmatization. Hence, over the years, addicted individuals prefer to keep to themselves because they believe no one will understand them.

Similarly, they will prefer to isolate to have more time to carry out their addiction.

Physical signs

Usually, physical signs occur as side-effects of addiction. It could be because of withdrawal or overdose. Some of the physical signs to look out for are: Small or big pupils, insomnia, body odors, unkempt look, slurred speech, nausea and vomiting, delusions, hallucinations.

When you observe any of these signs, you can suspect your loved one is addicted, and it would be best to work towards helping them.

Risky behaviors

If an individual is addicted, they will engage in activities that can make them pay for a crime. Some of them would go to the extent of stealing or engaging in unsafe activities. Those who are addicted to drugs can be caught for trading drugs.

When you see anyone or your loved ones doing this, it is a big sign that they are addicted.

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