Effects of addiction

Addiction can be referred to as a disease that affects the overall functioning of the body. When an individual is addicted, they focus on the reward of their addictive habit, and they pay less attention to the harmful repercussions.

Generally, addiction is divided into two categories namely behavioral and substance abuse.

Behavioral addiction has to do with behaviors or activities that create an unhealthy pattern. Examples of behavioral addiction include gaming addiction, sex addiction, shopping addiction, gun addiction, etc.

On the other hand, substance abuse refers to taking substances that can make someone develop an abusive pattern. In the world currently, two substances that people are mostly addicted to are alcohol and drugs.

When it comes to the effects of addiction, both behavioral and substance addiction have similar symptoms.

Here are some of the general effects of addiction

  • Privacy/Secrecy

Any individual who is addicted to a behavior or substance would prefer to keep to themselves instead of staying around people.

You will notice that someone who was used to hanging out with people, now finds comfort in solitary. If you observe closely, you will notice that their addictive habit is time-consuming, and they need their space to carry out their addiction.

  • Reduction in productivity

Another way to know when someone is addicted is when they become less productive in anything they are doing. If a student is addicted, you will notice that they would be less drawn to academic activities.

A number of them would not perform well academically because they are more focused on their addiction. The same applies to an adult who works in an organization.

They would find it hard to meet the daily deadlines and even achieve career goals because they are addicted.

  • Poor relationships

Addicted individuals find it hard to keep good relationships because they are always at loggerheads with their loved ones. The addicted person thinks everyone is against them, which might not be true in some cases.

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