Recovery Is Possible

Problem drinking affects millions of users directly, but it also touches the lives of the friends and family members
of these individuals as well. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet that will miraculously cure the problem drinker
in your life. Alcoholism is a complex affliction, and the causes and triggers will be different for each individual
looking to overcome this form of substance abuse and addiction. The first step must be the recognition that alcoholism impacts everyone in the user’s life.

Alcoholics Anonymous is based on a holistic and collaborative approach that involves members sharing their perspectives, stories and reflections on their battle with alcoholism. This process takes place at meetings in many cities across the United States and Canada over the course of numerous group sessions.

As time progresses, members will gain insight into themselves and how their actions are impacing those closest to them. This is done through the recognition that there is no “quantum leap” solution to substance abuse; substance abuse is very much a journey that must be taken one day at a time with patience and a good attitude. The road to recovery is a perilous and daunting one, but anyone can improve their life and overcome problem drinking with the right mindset.

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