Steps to recovery from addiction

No two persons can have the same addiction recovery journey. However, several people toe the same path. The decision to recover from addiction starts from the acknowledgment of addiction problem, to seeking help that help ensure sobriety. We are all wired differently but one thing remains constant: Anyone who is addicted needs to own up […]

Using Niacin to Impove cardiovascular health

The sauna detox method has been researched as an excellent method for promoting trapped toxin and poison release from the person’s body and is especially positive if the reason for the treatment is due to drug and alcohol addiction. Unique treatment centers combine a temperate sauna that is not too dry or humid with other […]

Who Becomes Addicted?

Addiction knows no one ethnicity, gender, sexuality, nationality or socio-economic background. Addiction can strike anywhere and affect anyone, we see people from all walks of life who struggle with substance abuse issues. That said there are a number of risk factors that will increase your chances of developing substance abuse problems. This is called “addiction […]

What are eating disorders?

Eating Disorders are characterized by variations in eating habits that negatively impact the health of the individual. Typically, but not always, these disorders relate to disturbances in how one perceives one’s own body relative to an ideal or external standard. Anorexia Nervosa is an example of a common eating disorder. Those with this disorder will […]

What Is The 12 Step Program?

The 12 Step Program is for those suffering from alcoholism and other forms of addiction who are seeking to break free from substance abuse. It is frequently implemented at Christian drug rehab centers. As the name implies, those participating in the 12 step program follow a series of steps that will help them live free […]

Recovery Is Possible

Problem drinking affects millions of users directly, but it also touches the lives of the friends and family members of these individuals as well. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet that will miraculously cure the problem drinker in your life. Alcoholism is a complex affliction, and the causes and triggers will be different for each […]